Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Don't Feel Like Typeing Because I Am Tired And I Am Whatching A Christmas Carol But Here Are Some Frikin Photos

All the ends tied to the warp beam

I hang weights to give the warp some tension as I am
winding it on the warp beam. Anyone want to help next time?
It is easier with 2 people.

Threads on the floor. I like this picture.

Got the cross in to help me get a better tension.

Warp all tied on and wove some junk to spread it out

Header all wove and I even got a couple inches done.

Look At This!

Is this not a cool swift or what? It is like a Ferris wheel for yarn.

From the top to the ground
the yarn rides in the round
the life of a skein is a twist
then as whirl then a ball in a swirl

Monday, November 28, 2011

After The Big Burrito

I was told I could use up 2 hours of my 32 hours of vacation time at work today because we were slow for the first time in a long time. So I had to run home get some paper work and go pay some bills. I was in the mood for something Mexican for lunch because my supervisor was eating something with cumin today and it sparked something in my foggy brain. While driving down Fruitville Pike I saw the sign, Neato Burrito right there in front of me. Well, "what the hell" my foggy cumin thinking brain said with fire and vigor. Turn your ass in that parking lot an try that out. I got the Crunchy Cowboy burrito and all I can say is YAHOO! It shure hit the spot, and the decor was cherry too! I believe I will hit that again soon. After the climax I called lunch I paid my car insurance bill and off to the studio. I was there for about 5 hours and got all the threads through the headles. I am happy with my progress, and I didn't even get my paints out (though I wanted to and kept looking at the canvas) Tomorrow night before the music breaks out at 7 I will wined it on the warp beam, tie it on and GIDDY AP! I am hoping to weave like crazy on Wednesday night so that I can go to knit night Thursday with a clear foggy, cumin thinking head. Don't for get to put fresh foot powder in your shoes so they have that fresh morning sent!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jingle Ball's, Jingle Ball's

Here is more photos from the really cool Christmas birch tree next to the studio. I love this tree and I can't stop looking at it. One of these day's I will have my camera with me when the tree is filled with that yummy golden light right before sundown that fills your heart with so much warmth you need to pee! Welcome to my world! Remember always sing carol in your heart, they are better than the ones you here on the radio over and over and over again.

Too The Job At Hand!

Here it is, I promised myself that as soon as Ava's mother picked her up I would stick my nose in the warp that is just lying around waiting to be rolled on the loom. Well me being me I painted some more, had some coffee and then some beer and went right to work... PAINTING! My conscious got the better of me and I finally did stop painting. I wound out the inch I missed on Thursday and got ready to pull the warp through the headles. Just then it happened, Jeff and Mike wanted to play some music for a little bit. Well, me being me had to jump right in with them. I did bring my instruments so I couldn't just let them sit there in the corner all by them selves so I played right along with them. I had a blast but the warp just sat there.
Jeff and Mike waiting for me to tune.

Well after a couple of tunes back to work I went. Just them my ipod died and I was without WITF and I was sad. This American Life was on and I had work to do. I turned on Jim's crappy radio and listened to it from across the room. I just barley came in and there was lots of static but that didn't stop me from moving forward on getting this sucker on the loom. I got the reed mounted in the beater and I pulled about 8 inches  of the warp through and had to run so I could drop Ava's coat off at her house because for the third time I forgot to put it on her. This keep happening to me. I am going to get a tattoo on the back of my had that said. " IF YOUR KID IS FREAKING COLD YOU FORGOT HER COAT AGAIN JELLY BRAIN" I would still forget and be out the $4.34 that I spent on the tattoo. Were did I come up with jelly brain?
Warp through headles, sounds like a concept album?

Painting With Popcicle!

Today was "Paint with Dad Day". Ava and I went out for breakfast then went to the studio for some painting. I got her 2 canvases to go crazy on and I have to say that she did. The first one on the far right is called "Brown Pony" and the one on the far left is called "Pink beach" The pony one was a gift to her mother and the other was given to the studio. Now, in the studio painting you see 4 figures. 3 of them are her mother, Ava and a friend from school, I don't remember her name. Now here is the funny part, the fourth figure is John Weaver having a rest on the beach. We all had a laff at this because honestly why the hell would John, the owner of the studio be on a beach with my ex wife. She is so frickin funny at times and I have know idea were she gets it from. We painted for 4 hour. I will never forget this day. Oh, the other painting is mine. I think you would have guessed it.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Begining To Look Alot Like Christmas

This is the neighbor's tree next to the studio. I really think this is one of the coolest Christmas decorations I have seen in a long time. Balls just hung willy nilly in a tree. This my friend's is what it is all about. F@#! YOU MARTHA STEWART!

Got Some Paints

I felt like painting for the first time in a long time. Everybody else in the studio paints so I thought I would give it a try so I can get into all the wonderful conversations about PAINT! Not shure if this will turn out to be anything I would hang in the studio or even the basement but I had fun getting to this point. I may show it when done or maybe I won't but stay tuned and find out. I really should be working on the rug. Well I did work on the rug. I got all the treads through the reed, painted a little and played a few song with John Weaver (he's not a weaver). I am about to go out to the studio now and get the warp through the headles and tomorrow I will wind it on the loom and maybe start to weave. I wonder if I can leave the paint alone?

Threads through reed in progress!

No Turkey Tilll You Winde Your Warp!

Well I got in the studio Thanksgiving day and I went to take a photo of the wound warp to show all you out there in never land what I was doing and the batteries are dead. Well, lucky for the world that Sheets is always open, and besides I needed some coffee. Got the coffee and the batteries and back to the studio and found that I left the memory card in my computer at home so I had to settle for my phone camera. I hope you can see what I was doing. It is like chasing threads back and forth. I do have to say that it is fun to try to go as fast as I can. I have hit my knuckle's a number of time but as my Nana always said "if it hurts rub it!" She also said "If it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down" But that is another story another time. DON'T FORGET TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boiled in His Own Pudding and Buried With a Steak of Holly Through His Heart

I love this time of year because I can get out my collection of Scrooge movies. This has to be my favorite story. I love the imagination there is to it. I have seen all these movies over and over and I don't get sick of them. Anyone up for A Christmas Carol movie night? I just need the black and white one and that new animated one with Jim Cary as Scrooge. I really am a geek sometimes.

Brown Paper Packages Tide Up In Tape

I love coming home and seeing a box from Great northern weaving. That means a new project has officially begun because I remembered to order the warp and it all wasn't a dream. I am making some rugs for this wonderful women that has put up with me and my drama for a while now. She has been waiting patently. She wants rugs to match her curtains that she also had hand made. I do have to say that I am using all new materials on this one. I am going to document this one as much as I can so stay tuned to find out what happens next. I am sure all you out there are on the edge of your seats.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I had to pick up my car yesterday so of course I had some time to kill. I got a ride to Akron my former home town.  Well, as some people do I went to the local bar to do well, what it is that you do in a local bar. As I was sitting there shelling my peanuts and throwing them on the floor (and What a great tradition this is) I caught a whiff of this heavenly smell. It took a while to pinpoint it but the smart person I am figured it out.  It was a fresh pot of coffee being brewd. MMMMMMMMM I thought to myself and took in all the wonderful fumes. But that is just it, I smelled coffee brewing. Do you see were I am going with this? There was no veil of cigarette smoke to dilute the hole experience. It really was a wonderful thing. I still want a cigarette now and then, and if there was a comet screaming its way to the earth and we only had one or two days to live before the carnage I would LIGHT RIGHT THE HELL  UP! But I have to say it was one wonderful moment.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have so Meany old cones of warp lying around the house I decided to challange myself, the only color I may buy is black and I have to use what I have avalable in the studio for color. Well this is what the heck I came up with. I stared to weave last night but there was a studio emergency, created by me and my stupid decision to be nice and help someone that made one of the members really mad at me. So I had to play the cord of dred on my guitar and scatter home and hide behind veil of beer and my comfy down comforter. Needless to say I only wove off 5 or so inches and I am hoping the next time I show my face in the studio I don't find my warp cut.  (I really screwed up this time)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

If I Could Only Sleep In For Once

As it is I get up for work at 3 am to be at work at 4. This has been going on for a while now so I have gotten used to getting up early. Today I had the perfect chance to sleep in and enjoy one of my favorite things in the world, sleeping under my down comforter. This being said I woke up at 3 am and could not get back to sleep so there was knitting that I started the night before wile watching The Big Labowski (my friend Sara told me I had to watch it). Anyway, I said what the hell! I turned on the radio and started working. I FELL BACK TO SLEEP! I woke up a 6 am turned on Sleepy Hollow, took my vitamin and got myself a beer. I ended up with the knitted piece that you see before you. I can't tell you what it is or who it is for because it is a top secret project given to me by Michelle Obama her self. KNIT ON!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I have been away doing crap that I have know business doing. It has been one crappy couple of weeks and the worst Halloween ever!  I don't want to go into detail but my heart, soul and car were wrecked. But on the bright side I have a new old car. I have to learn not to be so freaking nice and help out others who need it. I do have to say that I don't think I could ever give up being a nice person. Oh well I am sure down their road I will lend yet another shoulder to cry on. I LOVE BEEIN A GOOD PERSON!