Saturday, November 12, 2011


I had to pick up my car yesterday so of course I had some time to kill. I got a ride to Akron my former home town.  Well, as some people do I went to the local bar to do well, what it is that you do in a local bar. As I was sitting there shelling my peanuts and throwing them on the floor (and What a great tradition this is) I caught a whiff of this heavenly smell. It took a while to pinpoint it but the smart person I am figured it out.  It was a fresh pot of coffee being brewd. MMMMMMMMM I thought to myself and took in all the wonderful fumes. But that is just it, I smelled coffee brewing. Do you see were I am going with this? There was no veil of cigarette smoke to dilute the hole experience. It really was a wonderful thing. I still want a cigarette now and then, and if there was a comet screaming its way to the earth and we only had one or two days to live before the carnage I would LIGHT RIGHT THE HELL  UP! But I have to say it was one wonderful moment.

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  1. My.

    Purses. You didn't mention purses when I met you at the Shades of Nature booth. It's all so rugtacular until we get to the real truth of the matter. Purses.

    And knitting.

    Well, I guess this is who you meet when you are the kind of person who buys leaf lariats.

    And after reading your posts, I hope things are getting more and more crash-free, smoke-free for you. So you can make stuff I can buy - like purses. Although I actually need a rug.

    Peace out,

    PS - if you want to see a good movie about the world ending, may I recommend Melancholia, which was just released on Friday. Although there isn't much smoking in it, it is awfully good.