Sunday, November 27, 2011

Too The Job At Hand!

Here it is, I promised myself that as soon as Ava's mother picked her up I would stick my nose in the warp that is just lying around waiting to be rolled on the loom. Well me being me I painted some more, had some coffee and then some beer and went right to work... PAINTING! My conscious got the better of me and I finally did stop painting. I wound out the inch I missed on Thursday and got ready to pull the warp through the headles. Just then it happened, Jeff and Mike wanted to play some music for a little bit. Well, me being me had to jump right in with them. I did bring my instruments so I couldn't just let them sit there in the corner all by them selves so I played right along with them. I had a blast but the warp just sat there.
Jeff and Mike waiting for me to tune.

Well after a couple of tunes back to work I went. Just them my ipod died and I was without WITF and I was sad. This American Life was on and I had work to do. I turned on Jim's crappy radio and listened to it from across the room. I just barley came in and there was lots of static but that didn't stop me from moving forward on getting this sucker on the loom. I got the reed mounted in the beater and I pulled about 8 inches  of the warp through and had to run so I could drop Ava's coat off at her house because for the third time I forgot to put it on her. This keep happening to me. I am going to get a tattoo on the back of my had that said. " IF YOUR KID IS FREAKING COLD YOU FORGOT HER COAT AGAIN JELLY BRAIN" I would still forget and be out the $4.34 that I spent on the tattoo. Were did I come up with jelly brain?
Warp through headles, sounds like a concept album?

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