Sunday, November 27, 2011

Painting With Popcicle!

Today was "Paint with Dad Day". Ava and I went out for breakfast then went to the studio for some painting. I got her 2 canvases to go crazy on and I have to say that she did. The first one on the far right is called "Brown Pony" and the one on the far left is called "Pink beach" The pony one was a gift to her mother and the other was given to the studio. Now, in the studio painting you see 4 figures. 3 of them are her mother, Ava and a friend from school, I don't remember her name. Now here is the funny part, the fourth figure is John Weaver having a rest on the beach. We all had a laff at this because honestly why the hell would John, the owner of the studio be on a beach with my ex wife. She is so frickin funny at times and I have know idea were she gets it from. We painted for 4 hour. I will never forget this day. Oh, the other painting is mine. I think you would have guessed it.

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