Saturday, November 26, 2011

Got Some Paints

I felt like painting for the first time in a long time. Everybody else in the studio paints so I thought I would give it a try so I can get into all the wonderful conversations about PAINT! Not shure if this will turn out to be anything I would hang in the studio or even the basement but I had fun getting to this point. I may show it when done or maybe I won't but stay tuned and find out. I really should be working on the rug. Well I did work on the rug. I got all the treads through the reed, painted a little and played a few song with John Weaver (he's not a weaver). I am about to go out to the studio now and get the warp through the headles and tomorrow I will wind it on the loom and maybe start to weave. I wonder if I can leave the paint alone?

Threads through reed in progress!


  1. Interesting painting. I am not sure about the eyes. what are they suppose to be. If you want to keep busy in the studio. Why not start a cartoon strip. I'm sure there are strange things happening there at your shop. I think the painting you did would make a good first one. But are you going to change the eyes first.

  2. the eyes are lightbullbs, it go with something I said to someone at one time. I will write it on the canvas. The comic strip sounds fun also. Thanks for the words and I will post it when it is done for your critique. I wont to hear more.