Sunday, February 19, 2012

So, Why Isn't The Right Side Of My Head Allot Bigger?

OK so abut 3 or 4 months ago I had this great idea for a tattoo for myself. I never really wanted one but this was the perfect way to let people know who I am. So on Valentines day I finally did it. I was so proud of this and showed it off to everybody around me. Then on Thursday I found out that the word skein was spelled wrong. I spent the next day in a fog thinking what an ass I am. This always happens to me and I felt stupid for walking showing people basically how stupid I am. I wined to some friends (they all know who they are and I am sorry) until Saturday I got this text "Here are some famously terrible spellers: Faulkner, Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Austin, Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Edgar Allen Poe, Those are the famous ones, anyway. I know other lousy spellers, too. Point is, they didn't let it get in the way of creating- they just left the proof reading to the more analytical left-brain types. So your tattoo is basically a testament to the right side of your brain, and confirmation that it rules the left." All I could say is WOW! I will never claim to be any of those people, but I do look up to some and never knew this. I have been told that my spelling problem comes from the fact that I am creative. I have been told that over and over, in fact one person thought it was sexy. (need more of those people in my life.) So I am not going to have this fixed because what started out to be a self portrate ended up to be even more of one than I hoped. I AM A CREATIVE PERSON AND I AM PROUD OF THE FACT THIS WHO I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE! I will have my friend Wendy proof read my nex ttattoo if there is one. Doesn't that ball of yarn look evil?

Not Fit To Be Plyed

Last week my friend Claire, Ava and I met at the studio for a day of rag ripping and wine drinking. Well the wine drinking started after Ava had been picked up. I brought in what seemed like twenty flannel sheets from my stash hidden in a secret vault somewhere in Lancaster County. Not sure Claire knew what she was getting into but a ripping we did do. There was single rippen and then there was team rippen, slow and fast rippin, long and short rippen. Then I went for burritos for sheets. After all was sed and done there was this huge pile of ripped up sheets lying lifeless on the floor. For the last week on and off I have slowly spinning the heck out of the rags. My plans are to spin the whole pile in a hit or miss pattern and ply them all and make some bags. I am thinking that it is going to take me longer than I thought and I think I wore the heck out of Claire. I am thinking that she thinks that I am a little crazy but she is a nice person and I don't blame here for thinking that because I may just be and am enjoying the conversations I have with those people that talk to me in the dark when know one else is around.

As of noon 'O'clock today this is what I have done so far. I really wish that I would have more than this done but you know if you stop and play your guitar or mandolin good things happen but rag balls don't. Hey if we work all the time and don't stop and pluck some strings now and then you don't have music to bring joy to your life. I heard that listening to music helps grow more brain cells. I sure hope they are right? Aren't these the cutes little rag balls you ever did see? You should see the pile of rag laying not 5 feet away. I didn't want to show you them because then you don't know how much I have to do yet and I could say tomorrow that I am all done and you would have to believe me because you have know other proof. OFF YOU GO!