Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Weekend Away

I took off and went to New Paltz Ny this past weekend. I used to do a craft show there and I thought I would renew some old friendships. To my surprise most of them moved on to other show for the Labor Day Weekend. I don't blame them for I to have moved on but for other reasons. But I my good friend Jeff from Funky Rock designs was there and he was the one I was most excited to see. This is a picture of Jeff in all his glory and yes that is the smile he has on his face all the time. I am thinking Deer caught in the headlights don't you think? He is really allot of fun. Here is one for all you single ladies out there checking out me blog.

Here is some of the crazy things he makes. Yes, that is a rock that dispenses liquor. He sold all 10 of them he brought with him basically on the first day. I got a lamp from him I have to say now my future is allot brighter because of it, or is it he 100 watt bulb? Well any way we laughed, drank and ate prime rib. I was a grand old time and I am the better for it. Look him up on the web  Funky Rock Designs.

This is Sarah and Adam Spector. They are 2 of the niece's people that I have met in a long time. When I first met them, Adam was doing his own thing with pottery and now the 2 have joined forces and are making some wonderful wears. I traded him a rug and a bag for this really cool bird that dispenses olive oil and a beautiful pitcher, that is how we met. He still uses the bag and the rug lies inside there in laws front door step. What a place of honor for both of my piece's. I hope you 2 really make a mark in the world with the beauty you put in it. Check them out and do your best to support them they deserve it. Google them  Spector Studios

Ok, So all good thing have to end, so I hopped in my not so sexy mini van and headed south. I had to stop and take a photo or 2 of the pumpkin carnage that came from the hurricane that ripped through the east. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. The first photo is of a sign by the road. Check out the pumpkin vines just draped over it. I can't image, they said that this area was covered in 5 feet of water. Both of these were taking right along the road 100yards from the river. There were pumpkin's everywhere. The price of Jack O Lanterns will go sky high this year. I did make it home safe and sound just in case you were wondering. I did stop for something to eat in this wonderful little town right over the Pa border called Millford. I want to spend a weekend there sometime.  Anyone want to join me?

Witness by Marc Von Em - SongNest - "sound stage moments" 10.6.10