Monday, November 28, 2011

After The Big Burrito

I was told I could use up 2 hours of my 32 hours of vacation time at work today because we were slow for the first time in a long time. So I had to run home get some paper work and go pay some bills. I was in the mood for something Mexican for lunch because my supervisor was eating something with cumin today and it sparked something in my foggy brain. While driving down Fruitville Pike I saw the sign, Neato Burrito right there in front of me. Well, "what the hell" my foggy cumin thinking brain said with fire and vigor. Turn your ass in that parking lot an try that out. I got the Crunchy Cowboy burrito and all I can say is YAHOO! It shure hit the spot, and the decor was cherry too! I believe I will hit that again soon. After the climax I called lunch I paid my car insurance bill and off to the studio. I was there for about 5 hours and got all the threads through the headles. I am happy with my progress, and I didn't even get my paints out (though I wanted to and kept looking at the canvas) Tomorrow night before the music breaks out at 7 I will wined it on the warp beam, tie it on and GIDDY AP! I am hoping to weave like crazy on Wednesday night so that I can go to knit night Thursday with a clear foggy, cumin thinking head. Don't for get to put fresh foot powder in your shoes so they have that fresh morning sent!

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