Sunday, January 1, 2012

Warm Hands, Warm Heart

Here is the first pair of mitts I am knitting the the fellows in the Wringers. As I said earlier it is cold in the studio. The sound in the big room is worth the cold so we always play there because we are purists and put up with it. So, the other night at practice I had my mitts on and the others were looking at me like they were going to attack me and take that which keeps my hands warm. Me being quick at thought said "I will knit you all a pair". This is a big task at hand but I know I can do it. Not sure if they will need them in the summer or not but that is when I may get all 7 pairs done. There is always next year. I gave this pair to John in hopes he won't notice I didn't pay rent yet. OH, don't worry I wrote a check tonight and put it in my wallet and I will put it in the cigar box tomorrow. Anybody else out there to put on the list?

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