Saturday, January 21, 2012

That Guy Knits Funny!

I like to go sit in coffee houses to knit. I think it is the company of people I don't know or just the fact that there are people around me. I can sit at home and knit but I will pick up my guitar or draw something or even polish of a six pack. I get distracted real easy like. I have found that I get way more done if I am away from home. I go to some shop, find a nice table, get something hot and sweet, plug my brain into folkalley via me computer and ear buds and knit me ass off. I got these 2 setts of mitts done in one week. I do get the occasional "I was wondering what you were knitting" from a stranger. I fact I was in the Coffee Co. this week and a really nice German lady came up to me and said "I have never seen anyone who knits like me" (I knit in the Continental fashion). You see when I asked my Nana to show me how to knit she said "I will teach you the right way, the German way". So that is the only way I have ever knitted. She has also told me "if the kitchen is clean know weaving is getting done" and "if it is yellow let it mellow and if it is brown flush it down" I love that women! Remember to make sure your fly is always zipped! I your feeling a draft you are in trouble.

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