Sunday, August 14, 2011

Straps From Scraps

Here is an old pair of jeans that I found at a yard sale. What I do is chop them up into quarter's, tear off the pockets and cut them into 3" strips. I can get 4 pair of straps out of each pair of jeans but this pair was a bonus because the waist was 44" so I got 5 pairs out of them. I guess I could go out and find new fabric for this and get alot more straps out of it but I do enjoy going out and finding my supplies for 25 cents.

Here is one quarter of the jeans cut up into 3" strips. You can see the out line of the pocket there that I leave in if I can because it is proof that I use recycled materials. I love those wood floors, don't you? I am so lucky in the fact that I am part of this creative atmosphere in the studio I belong to. I am the only weaver the rest are painters.

I like to iron them first before I sew to keep the fabric from moving. First I fold the ends together in the middle, iron the whole length flat then I fold it in have and put bonding tape inside to keep it folded till I get around to sewing it. I love that iron. I have had it for 4 years and it still streams up my glasses. I am a GEEK!

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