Sunday, August 21, 2011

Out and About

I went to Mount Gretna Art show today to look at some really great stuff and catch up with some old friends. I was really amazed this year with the wonderful stuff people are making. I wish I could post some picture for you but I forgot me camera and I do feel bad about taking pictures of other peoples stuff. I was not a big fan of it but I did let it happen.
 First I ran into Deb, she makes wonderful wood and fused glass wall hangings and ornaments. She is a really a good person, she gives me home ground tomatoes that are out of this would. I really enjoy talking with her and the tomatoes.
  Then I ran into me rug weaving buddy Rebbecca. She is my main competition but we get along like best Buddy's. We always share weaving secrets and enjoy a milkshake. She makes some rugs that I wish that I would of thought of. Oh well they are in the back of my mind and I may use parts or color combos in the future but I will not copy. She deserves that respect.
  I moved on and look a some amazing art but my favorite work for the past 2 years was this guy that makes these characters out of steel that have counter waits and the pivot on a point and rock back and forth. The best ones he made were the cowboys and Indian's. There were 4 cowboys on one side and the same amount of Indian's on the other and they popped out from behind trees. They have this silly creepy whimsy that I just seem to fall in love with. I hope you get a chance to see them if you are every in his presents.
   Then I ran into a great basket weaver and friend Sylvia. She was one of the people that pushed me to get juried into the Pa Guild Of Craftsmen. For that I am great full. She is trying to get me to come back to the guild show and I promised her that I would give it my best to make it to the November show. So if you are thinking about attending it look for me because I just may be there because of her. THANK YOU SYLVIA!
 Then I went to Peggy and Scott's booth. She Is a terrific potter. She make these vases that have lots of holes in them that if you would put a candle in it it would make wonderful patterns of light on the wall. She was chosen one of the top ten artist of the show witch means that she gets to come back next year for free and doesn't have to go through the jury process.Give her a hand please!
  On to Phil and Lauren. Phil is also a wonderful potter. I have one of his mugs. it is really cool because he wrote some words about love really small and stuck it inside a little window one the mug. I love it! Lauren is one of my very best friends. We met at knit night at the first Lancaster Yarn Shop a bunch of years ago and have been close friends ever since. They are both wonderful people and I a grateful that they are in my life.
  Then there was a peasant surprise, running into Brain. He is one of my newer show friends and in fact I never really did a show with him. I met him when the band I am in played at a small art show In Chester county.  He is a painter and he also won top 10 artists of the show. Do I hang out with the best or what?
  All said it was a really good day. Had some really good conversation, met some new friends and ate some food that was out of this world. Now I have to go back to work in the morning, I don't think it will be as fun. But there is some good friends there also so it will be a goo week.  I hope your weekend was a great on also.

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